Many thanks to you for the high quality of service, value, and skill you provided me during my quest to become a current tax filer.

– Aaron H.

I knew my taxes were complicated which scared me. What I found in you was a blessing.  You not only understood how to handle my taxes, but you were understanding of my complicated life circumstances. Honestly, you may be the only person I’ve met that does.

I wanted my taxes done correctly but what I got was so much more. Congrats on the growing business.

– Julie W.

As I am not originally from the Indianapolis area, I did not know who to turn to for my taxes. I used Dave Ramsey’s ELP search and was connected with Thomas Strauss very quickly. I am very thankful, as this is the 3rd year I have utilized his services. He is very efficient, kind, and dependable. He is patient with my questions and quick to respond. I trust that my taxes are done correctly, and it alleviates all the stress that would come with me struggling through my taxes on my own. I would recommend Tom to anyone!

– Julia W.

We are very thankful for Tom at Prime Accounting Services and for his extensive tax expertise. Our family had a few years of complicated tax issues. Tom diagnosed the problems, worked with us to resolve them, and taught us a lot through the process. It was so refreshing to work with someone as patient, kind, and genuinely caring as Tom especially with something as stressful and important as taxes. We would 100% recommend him to anyone looking for a tax professional!

– Lauren W.

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