You Need Results

You have goals.  They may include running a successful small business, paying the smallest amount of tax you legally can, or just getting your personal income tax returns filed.  I can help.  With over three decades in the business world as an accountant and over 10 years of preparing tax returns for others, my experience can take some of the burden from you so that you can focus on the things that are important to you.

You Want Relationship

My goal is to have you think of me as a trusted partner.  I work for my clients as if I’m working my own business, because truly I am.  My performance for you must create trust between us if I’m to be considered a valuable asset to you.  Otherwise, you may as well choose someone else.

Personal Profile

During my teen years, math was my favorite subject and finance was my passion.  I graduated from Indiana State University with a degree in accounting, and except for a few stints doing other things (including seven years in the Air Force), I have been in the accounting field my entire career.  I had done tax returns for family members for several years previously, and then I received formal tax training through H&R Block in the fall of 2009, working part-time for them the following tax season.  Through the ensuing couple of years, I was asked to provide tax and financial advice to a small business and several families, which prompted me, in March 2012, to start Prime Accounting Services, LLC.  In March 2017 I earned the status of enrolled agent, having passed the exam given by the IRS.  This allows me to represent taxpayers before any IRS office.  In December 2021 I completed the requirements to attain the NTPI Fellow designation.  And in November 2023 I became a Certified Tax Coach.

Outside of my business I enjoy reading Christian and financial books, and I try to keep up with my three grandchildren.